Comprehensive, Individualized Child & Adolescent Psychiatric Care

A Practice Exclusive to Children, Teens, and Young Adults' Mental and Behavioral Health Needs

Information regarding New Patient requests can be found here.

PLEASE NOTE:  All patients will be now be offered the choice of virtual or in-person appointments, as conditions allow.  More information and session links will be provided prior to your scheduled appointment.   Established patients, please consult your Spruce acccount for more information.  


Why trust us with your child's care?

Psychiatric medicine is based in science and also requires an empathic, personalized, family- centered approach.  Since the beginning, our practice has been referred children and teens who just seem to be not getting better anywhere else.  We partner with each of our families to provide the highest quality of care that exists in our area- available because of our unique practice structure, our education and board certifications, as well as our commitment to truly focusing on each family's individual concerns. 


Because our practice chooses not to participate in insurance plans, psychiatric care in this practice is able to be provided in a 100% patient and family centered approach and the practice is able to be committed to the most high quality, comprehensive psychiatric care for the children of this area. 


We are not constrained by insurance timetables for your visits, which only serve to restrict your time with and access to the doctor.  As such, you can expect that each new patient evaluation will be completed in its entirety during your first scheduled evaluation session with the doctor.   Unlike other practices/ providers, mulitiple visits will not be required to get through the intial evaluation. 


In addition, follow-up visits with the doctor are scheduled in (at least) 45 minute blocks (unlike other providers who may schedule 15- 30 minutes per patient) to give you ample time with the doctor and allows your concerns to be addressed fully at each and every visit. 




Services Available

Specialized treatment of the entire range of mental health conditions found in children and teens including, but not limited to, depression, anxiety, mood/ bipolar disorders, OCD, post traumatic stress disorder, grief/bereavement, ADHD, psychotic disorders, and behavioral disturbances in autism.   

Services available:

Services NOT available:

  • Evaluation/ Diagnosis
  • Treatment planning
  • Medication management of psychiatric conditions, if warranted
  • Consultation
  • Collaborative treatment with local therapists and primary care doctors
  • Psychotherapy- however referrals to qualified area therapists and psychologists will certainly be provided, as needed
  • Disability assessments or disability paperwork
  • Emotional support animal documentation

Initial, second opinion, and general consultation is available for individuals.  Consultation for primary care physicians, school districts and others may be available if time permits.  Please contact the office to inquire. 

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